Velux Solar Hot Water Systems Solar hot water sales, service, and installation throughout Central Virginia.
VELUX solar hot water energy collectors on roof

To further improve your home's energy efficency, appearance, and function check out Come visit us on Saturday morning till noon at 4282 Ivy Road Charlottesville Virginia(In Downtown Ivy)

Solar Advantage - Solar Water Heater Systems
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We install solar hot water heater systems throughout Central Virginia.

Why VELUX? Here are a few of the reasons that make VELUX products installed by Solar Advantage a solid choice for your solar hot water needs:

  • Certified by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC)
  • Solar Advantage offers a 10 year warranty when we install your VELUX solar hot water heater system
  • Solar Advantage offers fast turn around for hot water heater replacement situations especially in emergency situations
  • VELUX Solar hot water heater systems are designed to resemble skylights
  • No leaks because the solar collectors are flashed to the roof
  • VELUX has a long history as a leading manufacturer of skylights
  • Our installers and VELUX provide a flawless fit and finish that will stay beautiful and functional for many years

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Stimulus Rebates

Taking Advantage of Energy Tax Credits


Energy Credits for Businesses and Homes

"Long-awaited funds for solar come from stimulus"
Washington Business Journal - by Vandana Sinha

Main Points:

  • Virginia setting asside $39 million of $70 million federal stimulus package for sun and wind powered renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Up to $15 million of that will go to reimburse home owners, companies, and nonprofit groups for their wind and solar power investments.
  • This reimbursement will run out in September 2010
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Solar Advantages

Solar Hot Water Systems Many Uses

Solar Water Heaters Gaining Popularity

World's Tallest Building Using Solar Thermal Panels

How to Choose the Best Solar Energy System

  • VELUX solar water heater systems will save up to 80% of your energy cost over standard water heaters.
  • Anticipated payback period of 3 to 5 years.
  • VELUX solar hot water systems can produce warm water even in winter.
  • Lower initial costs than photo-voltaic systems with similar energy savings.
  • Significant savings via government incentives and stimulus rebates.
  • Environmentally friendly using the inexhaustible energy resource the sun provides.
  • Clean, quiet and reliable.
Why Solar Works Where it Snows!